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    I am a creative person by nature. I am constantly thinking of new projects to start (darn Pinterest!). I have found in the past that I get started on a project and halfway through, i move on to another. I think it's pretty common. The problem is, my vision is constantly changing! That is precisely why I got into photography. It encompasses everything I love... meeting new people, taking photographs, being silly, then going home and *quietly* editing/artworking my sessions. I think my biggest challenge with becoming a business owner is knowing that you have to make a living off of your art. I would love to do it for free because I enjoy it that much, but that's not how a business works, ha!
    Megan O'Leary Photography & Design is going to incorporate everything artsy. I want to do more than just photography. I want to expand on my artistic talents. In the future i would like to take it a step further and create graphics/cards with the photos that I take. The possibilities are endless. I also plan to create custom frames that are fun and funky to house your images.

    Lets have a vision together! I am up for the challenge!

{ YWCA Women of Distinction Event 2014 }

So excited to be a part of this amazing event – lots of smiles, spanx, inspiring stories, hugs, tears….

Congrats to the winners: Kim Hesgard, Stephanie Klett, Fran Brien, Barb Boyd, Mollie Myers, Jean Randles and GRAINGER!

Please purchase prints through the smugmug site here, half of the proceeds will go back toward the YWCA and their amazing quest!

{ Buckner/Miller boys! }

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