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    I am a creative person by nature. I am constantly thinking of new projects to start (darn Pinterest!). I have found in the past that I get started on a project and halfway through, i move on to another. I think it's pretty common. The problem is, my vision is constantly changing! That is precisely why I got into photography. It encompasses everything I love... meeting new people, taking photographs, being silly, then going home and *quietly* editing/artworking my sessions. I think my biggest challenge with becoming a business owner is knowing that you have to make a living off of your art. I would love to do it for free because I enjoy it that much, but that's not how a business works, ha!
    Megan O'Leary Photography & Design is going to incorporate everything artsy. I want to do more than just photography. I want to expand on my artistic talents. In the future i would like to take it a step further and create graphics/cards with the photos that I take. The possibilities are endless. I also plan to create custom frames that are fun and funky to house your images.

    Lets have a vision together! I am up for the challenge!

{ Baby Dominic }

I couldn’t get over the BIG BROWN EYES! I didn’t even care if he was smiling or not, they were so precious! Aren’t they an adorable little family!? I loved the black and white photos too – they bring an extra bit of drama to the photos:o)

{ adorable headshots! }

I’m getting more and more clients needing/wanting headshots for work — and not just for a business card, but Facebook profiles, LinkedIn, dating sites etc… my dear friend, Katie, is working for the University of MN and hadn’t had a new picture in 5 years! This is a perfect time for headshots people – the possibilities are endless! Doesn’t have to be just your average black/white backdrop — we can be creative!

Va Va Voom!

{ Holden is ONE! }

I took a trip last weekend to MN to visit a dear friend… we also made good use of the trip and got some SWEET pictures of her baby boy, Holden, who is almost ONE!

I just adore the little diaper covers, hats, and leg warmers — boys stuff is getting SUPER darling! Not to mention, he’s a cute little beef-cake, can’t you just sqqquueeeeeeeeze him!? but not too hard of course ;o)

{ baby BOY twins! }

I swear! Everyone is having boys! What’s in the water, people!? These boys were extra precious, it was amazing at such a young age how different these boys were – not only in looks, but you could already tell their personalities! It’ll be fun to see them again as they get older!

{ Everhart Family )

I’m loving this new *lifestyle* type photography that my clients are wanting! I come to their homes usually and we just let their kids be kids! In this case, the kids wore their cute pajamas in the comfort of their own home (because, let’s face it, getting 3 young kids AND your husband out the door… next to impossible!) so how perfect! I loved that the kids could just jump on the bed and goof around because THOSE are the memories that you’ll remember! Lifestyle photography is awesome!

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