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Hey ya’ll!

I’m usually in such a rush to keeping shooting, editing, responding to emails, working on marketing materials, daily life, kids… you know the drill 😉 so i typically don’t write much on my blog — i let the photos do the talking!

In this case, I have to share a bit of a backstory. About 2 weeks ago, I was contacted through my website by someone in New York to possibly work with me on a project. I had no other details other than that. Naturally, I was skeptical, but this has happened before and has ended up being legit (for example, when my oldest daughter won a contest for American Baby magazine and they flew us to NYC to do a photoshoot with a bunch of perks — seemed unreal at the time and it happened so fast! So now, i’m cautious, but I don’t poo-poo things because who knows!) So ahem, back to my story… I clicked on the guys name and naturally googled him and facebooked him… no luck… then i clicked on his website and i was even more confused! DARN! So, i basically wrote him a cryptic email back just saying ‘I am available for certain jobs, I would need more information as far as type of shoot, location and date to know if I would be a good fit.’

You guys! He wrote back very excited and gave me more information… Anheiser-Busch ran a nationwide contest and posted it on social media. The couple who won the contest was getting married ONE week from that day at Glen Erin (here in Janesville, WI) and they needed a photographer to take marketing photos for the Busch brand to represent! I again was a bit skeptical, so I called Glen Erin and spoke to their Event Coordinator who ensured me that ‘YEP! This is happening!’

Without a blink… I emailed him back basically saying “yes!!!!!” and we’ll work out the details and such after my meetings.

Long story short — the wedding was for Abbi and Andrew on Saturday July 6th at Glen Erin Golf Course and the perks of winning the contest was they received $25,000, FREE Busch beer at their event and even cooler… the Busch Guy (Gerry) was the officiant who married them!
That’s where MY job came in… I was to focus on the Busch photos. I pretended like I was the wedding photographer, but for the Busch brand — I followed those cans around for hours! (not boob cans, get your minds out of the gutter!).

I had so much fun working with Gerry, super easy going guy and I really hope this whole “Busch-Guy” character works for him in the long term. You don’t meet a lot of genuine nice people that can fit in with any crowd! I also got to work with Maggie from Busch who is their social media rep and Shannon from NY who was part of the marketing team. It was like we all had worked together before – so easy and natural!

The wedding was amazing — the day was gorgeous, the couple was stunning, the family and friends were hilarious, the beer was flowing and I am honored that I was able to be a part of it — I will share more photos soon, but here is a photo of Gerry and I and then below is a link to a fun website that featured the photos/story!

Check it out and thanks for reading my novel!

xo Megan

Click HERE to checkout a post by WhiskeyRiff online about the Busch Wedding and I am SO happy they gave me photo credit!


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