Carly + Wilcie

Are you ready for the cutest photoshoot of your LIFE!? Carly has been asking for a puppy for 7 years … her mom contacted me to do a photoshoot of her for her birthday, but our plan was to tell her it was for a promotional piece and her birthday and then her close friends would walk her new PUPPY down in the middle of the shoot to surprise her! This couldn’t have gone ANY better! It was such a fun shoot, I could have gone on for another three hours with these amazing kids, their family, friends and newest member, Wilcie! The name “Wilcie” was actually part of the fun — if you read the board, it says “she’s been begging and begging for 7 years, we said ‘We’ll See!’ … welcome home ‘Wilcie’ aka ‘We’ll See'”
What a darling love story and we got it all recorded to enjoy for dog-years to come!

Thanks so much to everyone involved for making this such a fun and spontaneous photo shoot! ENJOY!