Dalmaray Concrete — Solar Panel Project. Janesville, WI

This is just another example of what STOCK Photography means! Depending on the project and time, I give you a quote to come take photos of job sites or photos of equipment … pretty much anything relating to your business and showing snapshots of finished projects, before/afters, headshots, action shots, logo markings, product photography etc…

Often times, people put their business last, but remember it’s very important to put your business first sometimes ALSO to just sit back and recognize, organize and appreciate the projects that you do do!

Below is a testimony from this particular client (Aaron Ausen): “In this industry we tend to get lost in the work. It’s nice to step back and say we did that. This project was a work of art. Thank you Megan Parish O’Leary for the bang up job. I particularly like the hard hat one in truck. Not sure why but it is really cool.” “I have to say too Megan Parish O’Leary was not afraid of this project. Definitely recommend her for any field projects. She was climbing on trucks, tromping in mud, anything to get the shot. Give her a shout if you need pro photography on your jobsites”

That was probably one of the highest compliments a client has given me. I don’t think too much about what I’m doing because my mind is focused on getting a certain shot. I will be 9 months pregnant and hanging from a rooftop if it gets the shot i’m envisioning. For me, it’s just what i do… and that’s why i love this job!

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