My Mom’s Hot Tub Room! Father’s Day Project!

Our basement hot tub room at my mom’s house has been a nightmare! It was full of junk, old computers, telescopes, leftover tiles, cat litter, a year old potato (no joke), you name it… it was there! I threw EVERYTHING away and deep cleaned the bugs and cat litter like crazy! I know the photos and decor isn’t that exciting or impressive, but seriously this was 5 hours of blood, sweat, and beers. I did some thrifty shopping at the Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby and got a ton of accessories that matched the black/gold tub and HOT pink walls (we have had them painted that way for 13 years!) I finally found some artwork that brought it all together — voila! Again, not super impressive, but my mom and step dad LOVED it. Happy Father’s Day – I hope they relaxed and drank beer/wine while soaking in the tub!

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