Skylar Stecker | Majestic Theater | Madison, WI | Concert Photography

This was a special event for me personally because it was my daughter’s very FIRST concert! I’m sure she’ll never forget it because it was basically unforgettable! The girls got to do a meet-and-greet … photos with Skylar, autographs on posters, free t-shirts and glow sticks! I was lucky enough to have many friends there too! I know my dancing embarrassed my daughter, but hey, that’s my job. The second photo was the girls giving Skylar a token of our excitement — we made a bracelet that was engraved with the words “redemption” and “skylar” … the name of her latest record and her name (obvi). She’s truly a triple threat and as humble as they come. SO refreshing — can’t wait to see where this young lady goes with her talent!

I hope we get her back in WI again — home sweet home! ENCORE!

Here’s MY favorite song